The Dan & Pat Nelson Family Foundation was established in 1998 to promote art, education and healthcare programs for seniors and youth in Washington & Idaho state with the idea that the founders Dan and Pat could pay it forward to the communities they grew to love. As a new organization, we soon realized we were stretched too thin and being a small fish in a big pond didn’t make good business sense. With a few changes, we found a way to make a larger impact. In 2003, the Foundation began funding solely in Pierce County, Washington.

What started off small with a few grant awards in our first year of giving grew into something much larger than we ever imagined. In less than two decades, the Dan & Pat Nelson Family Foundation donated over one million dollars to more than 100 large and small nonprofits here in our community.

As all things must come to an end, so does this journey. Therefore we will not be accepting applications any longer and the remaining funds will make its last distribution to local nonprofit organizations of its choice.

We thank all of our community partners it’s been an adventure and a pleasure.